Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recovering- Part II

So it has been over a month since I had surgery....sorry it has taken me so long to write the follow up, but it has taken me a very long time to heal and to be comfortable enough to type it all out...but here goes....I am pre-warning everyone that I'm going to post some pictures that are not so pretty so if it grosses you out, I'm deeply sorry but this blog is to track my progress so I have to keep it real! LOL

I wrote the following paragraphs last month and since I just filmed a video I was going to just delete what I wrote but I'm just going to keep it in and link the video after:

When I woke up from the surgery I was in immediate pain and I was THIRSTY as all hell for not being able to drink anything for HOURS and from having a tube inserted in my throat so I was in total discomfort. I was told by my mom that the surgery itself only took 2 hours but that the recovery took like 4-5 hours. EW. I felt so bad for my mom and bro they stuck around all day just waiting for me to be up and to transfer me to my room. I was so thirsty and in pain that the first thing I did when I saw my male nurse was to ask for some water. He seemed to not care about the urgency of how bitchy I get when I don't have fluids and he went to go "see if it was ok", and "to check on my charts"...I started to grab a bottle of water my mom had and she politely scolded me and told me to be patient. BUT MOMMY I WANT IT NOW!

Then slowly but surely the nausea hit me. I didn't want to throw up just yet but I just felt it in the pit of my stomach. I was attached to an IV which had morphine and I had the "pain button" where I am supposed to hit it every 6 minutes but it really was NOT helping at all. I could barely move and the depression was sinking in. And I was still in that ugly goddamned hospital gown. 

The anesthesia is what made me violently sick. When I got wheeled into my room my mom and brother were already waiting for me with the look of a sigh of relief were on their faces. Eventually the nurse came back with water and I took a big gulp. It felt so good to have ice cold water in my mouth and I remember thinking to myself I would never take this moment for granted ever. 

Here is the video about the rest of my recovery:

Oh My! Extreme Close-up!
Just to Clarify: BOTH the anesthesia AND the morphine made me sick!

AHHH! I left you all in suspense at the end, but fear not, here is the progress on how my hair is growing- It's growing more near my ears so it's really annoying me when I'm wearing my weaves because it's starting to poke out! LOL

Also sorry for the shaky camera action- I had to hand hold the camera 7 times and I was getting tired and I know I cut my eyes out in a few shots 'cause it was DAMN hot in my bathroom so I wasn't paying attention...hopefully I can fix it for future posts!

Damn hair, grow faster!!!

Pics after Surgery:

So here is a pic of the disgusting drain I had under my armpit...totally uncomfy!

I ghetto attached it by pin since the adhesive fell off...and yes that is my blood

The big white bandage is where my boob no longer is :( 
I will post a pic of my scar without the bandage later!

Pardon me looking all gross and bloated and disgusting...I was not feeling my best! Most of you have seen this when I posted it on FB: I look so weak and definitely was not feeling great. It was the only real picture I took....

A few days after surgery- UGH

I'd like you all to think of me more this way- the same old jen -
 full of colorful jewelry, makeup and girly-ness :)

one day my hair will really be that long!

Hope you all have enjoyed this post...Remember, Please try to donate to Christina's half marathon she is doing in Oct. She is doing it in my honor and needs to raise $500 to run!!!...Check out her video and all the details here:

She is amazing and rocks and will run her heart out! Please show her the support she has shown me!!!! And maybe next year I can do my own half marathon :)

And again, I couldn't make it through all this without all of your support! 
Thank You EVERYONE again and again a million times over and back again <3



  1. Stay positive and strong Jen. We are never given more than we can handle. You are such an inspiration. Blessing to you girl!

    1. Thank you girl! I appreciate you taking the time to read! :)

  2. you are awesome how you are handeling all of it... And, I have to say that you have the head for short hair. you probably hate it, but I think you look cute :)

    1. hehehemaybe I'll do a mohawk when it gets a bit longer and dye it some funky color!

  3. Colorful jewelry and fabulous make-up shades always make me think of you :).

  4. lol caffiend frog identify yourself :)