Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Komen Event Pics :)

From the 2012 3-Day Komen Walk
I did the Komen walk one month after I had a left side mastectomy along with Vicky...together we raised over $4600 to walk- we had a great time camping and meeting other lovely ladies in pink! One of the best times over the summer!

Start of the walk!

With the am amazing Pink Angels!

Our friend Doreen came to cheer for us!

Our Thank You shirts!

Me and Vicky at the 40 Mile Mark!
Team Pippi's Longstockings!

Vicky and a supporter!

Men with Heart!

With Captain 3 Day! :)

At the Finish Line!

I got to raise the remembrance Flag!

Beginning of the walk w/ Vicky!

Almost done!

With Dr. Sheri Phillips!

The Komen/ John Cena/WWE/Rise Above Cancer Event

I got to meet John Cena at a private event with friends/family and also watch the WWE match live with amazing floor seats...we also got to wear his new "Rise Above Cancer" shirts :)

VIP Event at WWE

John Cena! and His "Rise Above Cancer" line

with WWE wrestlers

With fellow Survivor Patricia

How awesome was my seat?

Survivor Angela :)

Survivors Patricia, Me, Angela and Joanne :)

Cena in Action!

Cena Vs. CM Punk

Defending the Title!

The ladies from Komen!

Survivor Event with Joanne
During the Cena event, I met Joanne who was organizing a survivor appreciation event. She asked me to be a speaker ( along with my breast cancer survivor friend Andrea) and my brother got to do magic for a bunch of wonderful older survivors :) I was a bit nervous with the speech but winged it! :) Joanne is also a survivor and is a tough cookie! 

My brother Darren and my Mom at the event!

Me and Andrea were speakers! :)

the cute restaurant and me speaking up front!

my cute parents!

Me and Andrea!

Magician hard at Work!

my fabulous pink handbag

earrings gifted by Andrea 


rockin' the new earrrings!

Me and Vicky!

Andrea and Vicky!

Me and Vicky!

Boobie Survivors!

Angela! We meet again! :)

pink ribbons everywhere :)

Joanne, Host of the Party on the left :)

Fun with the Ladies!

Hope you Enjoy my trip down memory lane...More Later! <3

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